Origo Creation – Nature’s Finest

Origo Creation is a lifestyle concept shop carrying premium organic and natural lifestyle brands from around the world. Our customers are pampered with a plethora of premium-grade products ranging from skincare, body care, hair care and essential oils for massage and aromatherapy.

The Origo Creation team is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive a diverse range of natural products and services that nurture the body, mind, and spirit, while simultaneously respecting the delicate eco-balance of our environment.

Our Brands

Nature offers the best ingredients for our benefit. Many of our products’ plant-based botanical formulas have been extracted with the highest standards of quality control. When absorbed through the skin or through breathing, they supplement the body with nutrients, rejuvenating weariness and holistically improving one’s entire wellbeing.

Some of the brands available in our stores are Perfect Potion, Pot of Gold, Nature’s Spa, Wode and many more. With the sheer number of high-quality products, our customers are definitely spoilt for choice!

Our Concept Shop
Located in the central business district of Singapore, our concept shop is a slice of nature, a haven offering brief refuge from the bustling sounds of the restless city. Customers are treated to relaxing and revitalizing scents and sights, relieving their exhaustion. Our well-trained staff seek to educate and inform customers about the benefits of organic and natural products.
Our Concept Shop
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle for individuals and families using natural and chemical free products
  • To provide high quality, premium grade natural products and professional services
Our Values
  • Respect and devotion to Mother Nature
  • Absolute commitment to providing high quality products and professional service
  • Sharing knowledge with our customers; nourishing their body, mind and spirit