Banksia Scent Pot & Spa Escape Aromatherapy Duo


The Perfect Present: Aroma pot of paradise

Spa Escape Blend | Banksia Scent Pot | Reusable Calico Bag

Transform any space into an aromatic oasis, and freshen the air naturally by dropping luxurious Spa Escape into your beautiful hand-turned Banksia Aromatherapy Diffuser Pot.

Products included in this bundle:
Banksia Scent Pot
Spa Escape Blend 10mL
Perfect Potion Calico Bag Small
Banksia Pot + Spa Escape Gift Tag

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These whimsical, unique aromatherapy diffuser pots are created from the particularly porous Banksia Grandis seed pods, which soak up essential oils slowly and diffuse their captivating aroma naturally.

Simply add 3-5 drops of your favourite blend to the banksia pot to fill any small space, such as your bathroom, office/desk, car, or your drawers with your favourite aromas.


The luxury and nourishing rejuvenation of spa retreats is captured in the blissful aromas of joyful mandarin, relaxing lavender, revitalising geranium, invigorating ginger, optimistic coriander seed, vibrant may chang, and opulent ylang ylang pure essential oils. Diffuse Spa Escape for the ultimate pampering, and let your cares float away.


Simply add 3-5 drops of Spa Escape blend to the banksia scent pot and enjoy the blissful, feel-good aromas of mandarin, lavender, geranium, ginger, coriander seed, may chang and ylang ylang pure essential oils as they are slowly released into your small space. Replenish as needed.


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