Black Pepper Oil


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The warm, spicy scent of black pepper is invigorating and strengthening. It promotes confidence and focus.

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A greenish-coloured oil with a fresh, dry-woody, warm-spicy aroma, reminiscent of dried black pepper.

Botanical name
Piper nigrum

Indonesia, India

Method of extraction
Steam distillation

Major constituents
A typical chemical composition of Black Pepper Essential Oil: a-pinene (5.8%), camphene (0.1%), b-pinene (10.4%), d-3-carene (20.2%), limonene (17.1%), g-terpinene (0.2%), p-cymene (0.8%), terpinolene (1.0%), d-elemene (2.5%), a-copaene (2.3%), b-elemene (0.4%), b-caryophyllene (27.8%), a-humulene (1.4%), d-cadinene (0.8%), caryophyllene oxide (0.6%).


Add 3 drops to bath or 2 drops to every 10ml carrier oil.


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