Eucalyptus B.Mallee non organic Oil 10mL


The fresh, clear aroma of eucalyptus purifies and clears the air.

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Blue mallee eucalyptus oil has a strong sweet camphoraceous and fresh odour.

Botanical Name
Eucalyptus polybractea


Major Constituents
The essential oil obtained from Eucalyptus polybractea is rich in 1,8-cineole. The 1,8-cineole content can be as high as 92%. Other constiuents found in the oil include α-pinene (1%), limonene (1%), p-cymene (2%), β-pinene (0.2%) and sabinene (0.2%), terpinene-4-ol (0.5%), α-terpineol (0.4%) and carvone (0.2%).

Blue mallee eucalyptus oil has excellent analgesic, antiseptic, anti-viral and expectorant properties. It may be used in a massage oil for the temporary relief of headache, arthritis, rheumatism and muscular aches and pain. It is excellent for the temporary relief of respiratory problems such as coughs, colds, flu, sinusitis and mucous congestion. The fresh scent of blue mallee eucalyptus is energising, balancing and purifying. It will help to revive your spirits and dispel feelings of melancholy.

Blue mallee eucalyptus oil is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitising.


Add 3-5 drops to your essential oil diffuser or 2-5 drops to every 10mL carrier oil.


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