Mother Earth Aromatherapy Bracelet Bundle


A fun and easy way to enjoy your essential oils wherever you are. Add 2 drops of your Mother Earth essential oil blend to the bracelet and replenish as needed. The cotton within the bracelet absorbs the essential oil and releases it slowly. Gift wrapped in a Perfect Potion re-usable calico bag.

Products included in this bundle:
Lily + Laura Rose Bud
Mother Earth Blend 10mL
Perfect Potion Calico Bag Mini
Relax + Lily Laura Silver Gift Tag

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Kit contains:

Mother Earth Essential Oil Blend 10mL

Reconnect with the life giving and nurturing aspects nature with this lush, sweet, warm, floral and earthy blend that embodies the essence of nature.

Lily & Laura Bracelet Multi

Crocheted in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, these beautiful glass-beaded bracelets represent more than just their beauty. Lily & Laura® bracelets are made by passionate female artisans in Nepal who are paid more than fair trade wages, vastly improving the quality of their lives. As they are handmade, no two bracelets are exactly alike, making them a uniquely delightful gift for friends and family.

Lily and Laura bracelets roll over the hand to fit any wrist. Because the bracelets are hand crocheted each one is unique! They can vary slightly in size based upon how tight the crochet and the design. To see how to stretch a Lily and Laura bracelet CLICK HERE to watch video.

Calico Bag

Gift wrapped in a Perfect Potion re-usable calico bag.


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