Relax Hand & Body Duo 200mL


Made with pure essential oils of geranium, lavender and ylang ylang. Relax your senses and wash away the stresses of the day with this nourishing duo, containing Relax Hand & Body Wash 200mL + Relax Hand & Body Lotion 200mL, gift wrapped in a reusable Perfect Potion calico bag.

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Feel a beautiful sense of calm as your senses unwind with this relaxing symphony of essential oils. Hand and body lotion is thoughtfully combined with nutrient-rich macadamia oil to soften, protect and nourish the skin. Hand and body wash contains gentle, plant-based foaming agents and sulphate free.


Relax Hand & Body Wash

Use at the sink to wash your hands or lather up in the shower or bath to cleanse your body. Superb to use with a sponge or loofah.

Relax Hand & Body Lotion

Smooth over your hands and body, feel relaxed and enjoy the pleasure of hydrated, soft, comfortable skin.


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