Sacred Space Oil Blends Kit


Sacred spaces are places of refuge, a quiet retreat for renewal and a sanctuary for our senses. Create your own sanctuary with the divine aromas held within four sacred blends.

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They can be places where we escape the pressures of the day. They can be healing and comforting and cultivate a sense of spiritual renewal, harmony and balance.

Allow these divine sacred space essential oil blends to awaken long lost memories, evoke powerful emotions and arouse our sense of wonder that will reconnect us with the sacred.

Sacred Space Oil Blends Kit contains:

Sacred Temple blend 5mL
Sacred Journey blend 5mL
Sacred Dreaming blend 5mL
Sacred Knowledge blend 5mL


Add 3-5 drops of your favourite oil blend to your oil burner or vaporiser or add 5 drops to every 10mL of pure vegetable oil to use as a massage oil.


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